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Kzzi Extra Fee

Kzzi Extra Fee

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K68pro Description

Tri-mode connectivity, Anime Art Color-Nezuko Purple/Blue sea

Anime Color

Inspired by “Demon Slayer” and ”Blue Archive“ ,the main colors of the keyboard is based on blue and pink purple. Making 65% layout mechanical keyboard does not lack of design sense. The knob can be used to switch the connect mode quickly.

Gasket Structure

A year later after K68, Kzzi built k68pro.

Poron cotton +IXPE pad +PET pad + sound-absorbing cotton + silicone pad, 5 layers in total. With kzzi custom switch, there is actually a little HiFi potential.

And the sinking of the gas is not obvious when pressed. But there are fewer cavities and noises, and the typing is much purer

Connect Knob

The knob switch in the upper right corner of the K68 Pro has a total of 5 positions, respectively: close(wired)/2.4G/ Connect Bluetooth device 1/2/3.

There are 3 status indicators light between the main key area and the function key: Caps lock, Windows key lock, and charging.

Extra Hub Port

Continuing the layered housing of the K68, it adds a dual USB-C port design. The one with flash card is the Hub port.

(note: It can only be used under wired mode)


Support full key hot-swappable, the included 2 in 1puller is very comfortable to use. You can easily remove the key cap and switch.

The south face RGB is also designed to be compatible with side printing key caps.

MDA PBT keycap

The keycap adopts double-shot process, and the PBT material is also more durable, which can effectively prevent oil.

It has thicker and higher contrast fonts, and the contact surface with the fingertips is also much larger.

At the same time, the key cap surface is more smooth and delicate, and it is skin-friendly.


Tri-mode with 2000mAh battery

supporting Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless for portability and USB Type-C for reliable wired operation.

Equipped with a 2000mAh battery, delivering extended usage time, ensuring productivity remains uninterrupted. It can last 40 days with light off(6h/day).

2 stages of foot pad

The K68Pro foot pad is a two-stage design, which allows the keyboard to achieve three tilt heights, and the keycap with the ergonomic MDA profile makes the user more comfortable when typing and is not easy to fatigue over a long period of use

Kzzi Driver

allowing for comprehensive programmability and customization of key mappings and macros to suit any workflow or gaming setup.

Reappear Switch

Style: Linear

Total Travel: 3.40±0.4mm

Operating Travel:2.0±0.4mm

Operating Force:37±5gf

Life Span:80 Million


Meeting Switch

Style: Linear

Total Travel: 3.40±0.4mm

Operating Travel:1.2±0.4mm

Operating Force:42±5gf

Life Span:50 Million