About Us

In 2021, KZZI was founded as a Chinese manufacturer of gaming peripherals. 

KZZI Chinese named Kezhi, homonymous "customized", which means the customization of mechanical keyboards. We aim to provide high-quality and cost-effective mechanical keyboards and parts for customers.

In March 2022, according to market demand, Kzzi relaunched the entire brand, and retargeted the product style and upgraded the logo.

We are committed to becoming a professional customized digital 3C manufacturer with fashion design, high quality and affordable price.

In mid-July 2022, K75 with battery display and toggle switch and gasket mount was first released in China's domestic market and became the dark horse in the same month. Other brands rushed to imitate.  

 In July 2023, K75 upgraded to K75 Pro, with new design PCB board, south-facing LED, pro pre-lubed switches etc., and launched overseas.

K75 is just a start, we have ultra compact K68 with mode-swich knob, stylish K75 pro Dazzling version matching Dye-sub PBT pudding key caps, Futuristic Z98 with interactive display, and more models are coming soon.

The KZZI team is not only a keyboard manufacturer, but also a group of passionate people who continue to explore and innovate for improving user experiences. In the new era, everyone is constantly encouraged to express their individuality.