KZZI Z98 Fashion play: Where Style Meets Performance

KZZI Z98 Fashion play

KZZI Z98 Fashion play Specifications Comparison

Classic Edition Trendy Edition
Color Innovative Appearance, Gradient Spray Painting Anime-Themed
Layout 98% Layout, 94 Keys 98% Layout, 94 Keys
Structure Gasket Structure + PC Plate Gasket Structure + PC Plate
Internal Padding Poron Inner Cotton + ixpe Axis Pad + Axis Cushion + Silicone Base Pad Poron Inner Cotton + ixpe Axis Pad + Axis Cushion + Silicone Base Pad
Satellite Axis KZZI Customized Satellite Axis KZZI Customized Satellite Axis
Connection Method Triple Connection: Wired + Bluetooth + 2.4G Triple Connection: Wired + Bluetooth + 2.4G
Keycaps KSA Height PBT Material (High Gloss) KSA Height PBT Material (Matte)
Backlight RGB RGB
Switches Moment Switch, Eternity Switch, Neptune, Venus Reappear Switch, Meeting Switch
Battery 3750mAh 3750mAh
System Support Windows/Macos Windows/Macos
Intelligent Screen Supports Intelligent Screen Interaction Supports Intelligent Screen Interaction

KZZI Z98 Fashion play switch

Six Major Innovations:

  1. Anime-Themed Color Schemes: Nezuko Purple, Blue Sea
  2. Four-Layer Noise Reduction Padding: Poron Inner Cotton + ixpe Axis Pad + Axis Cushion + Silicone Base Pad
  3. Underglow Lights: Maximizing Visual Effects, Compatible with Side-Engraved Keycaps
  4. Extensive Animated GIF Library: Intelligent Interactive Color Screen
  5. New POM Switches: Reappear Switch, Meeting Switch, Smoother Feel, Hi-Fi Sound
  6. PCB Single Key Grooving: 1.2mm PCB, Enhanced Tactile Feedback

KZZI Z98 Fashion play color

Nine Fundamental Functions:

  1. Hot-Swappable Keys
  2. Gasket Structure
  3. Triple Connection
  4. HUB Expansion
  5. RGB Lighting Effects
  6. 98% Layout
  7. KZZI Satellite Axis
  8. PBT Keycaps
  9. Hi-Fi Noise Reduction

KZZI Z98 Fashion play Fundamental Functions

Gasket Structure + Four-Layer Noise Reduction Padding for Enhanced Hi-Fi Sound

The internal structure incorporates gasket structure PC positioning plate with a 1.2mm single key grooving PCB for a softer and more resilient feel. The combination of Poron inner cotton + ixpe axis pad + axis cushion + silicone base pad provides a purer and more pleasing sound.

Underglow Lights:

Utilizing south-facing RGB lights for outstanding light effects, compatible with side-engraved keycaps, catering to user needs more effectively.

PBT Keycaps:

KSA Height PBT material keycaps are durable and resistant to oil, showcasing a more beautiful appearance and a more comfortable feel.

Triple Connection with Toggle Adjustment:

Supporting 2.4G wireless/Bluetooth 5.0/wired connections, three connection methods can be freely switched among multiple devices, with wired HUB interface adjustment, wired mode can be used as HUB to expand multiple interfaces for more gameplay options, wireless receiver slot, and the far right is the power interface.

Mac System Compatibility:

Switch between MAC & WIN systems using the toggle and buttons in the upper right corner of the keyboard without using FN+combination keys.

KZZI Custom Satellite Axis:

Factory-lubricated, meticulous adjustment of satellite axis and balance bar provides a more balanced feel for large keys, reducing large key noise.

KZZI Z98 Fashion play

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