What's your primary language?

Kzzi By You

Let's customize! Creat your own language mechanical keyboard by laser carving in your keyboard keycap with Kzzi By You. Kzzi supports customizing language of keycap for Kzzi Memember, like AR, JP, KR,ES,DE,FR,RU, etc. Serious play, meaningful work-just customize a keyboard improves your efficiency.


Choose My Language Keyboard

Currently, only K75pro above supports customized languages, but more keyboards will be added in the future, please stay tuned.

How to Kzzi customize?

1、Being a kzzi member.

2、Contact kzzi email at kzzi@kzzi.com, confirming your customized details.

3、Placing the order and get the updeted.

4、Receive your package and start to use.

What's the MOQ?

No MOQ requires

Is there extra proce?

No extra fee

Return & refund

Sorry, Kzzi do not support return ang refund for customized item. Since it starts to be produced, it can not be sold again. Please take an unboxing video when unpack the package. If there is any issue, please contact kzzi after-sale service.