KZZI K75Pro Dazzling Version: Redefining Wireless Mechanical Keyboards

Color Options: Knight Grey (with Purple Ding switches), Lemon Green (with Lemon switches), Sakura Pink (with Sakura switches)

KZZI K75Pro Dazzling Version color

Overview: The KZZI K75Pro Dazzling Version isn't just another wireless mechanical keyboard; it's a culmination of cutting-edge technology and meticulous design. Beyond its striking aesthetics, this keyboard sets a new standard in performance and customization, offering a seamless typing experience tailored to individual preferences.

KZZI K75Pro Dazzling Version

Key Features:

  1. 75% Layout: The compact layout strikes a balance between functionality and portability, catering to professionals and enthusiasts alike.
  2. HD Battery Display: The high-definition battery display ensures users are always informed of their device's power status, minimizing interruptions during use.
  3. HUB Expansion Port: With the built-in HUB expansion port, users can effortlessly connect additional peripherals, expanding their workspace with ease.
  4. Gasket/Top Dual Structure: The innovative gasket/top dual structure minimizes key wobble, providing a stable typing platform for enhanced precision and comfort.
  5. Hot-Sublimated Jelly Keycaps: The vibrant hot-sublimated jelly keycaps not only add a touch of style but also offer a tactile typing experience, complemented by dynamic RGB lighting for a visually stunning display.
  6. Toggle Mode Switch: Seamlessly switch between gaming and office modes with the toggle mode switch, allowing users to optimize performance based on their specific needs.
  7. Customized Switches: Tailor your typing experience with customized switches, available in Sakura Pink, Knight Grey, and Lemon Green variants, each offering a unique tactile feel and actuation force.
  8. Triple-Connection: Enjoy versatile connectivity options with support for wired, 2.4G, and Bluetooth connections, ensuring compatibility across various devices and platforms.
  9. KZZI K75Pro Dazzling Version structure

Switch Options with Color Variants:

  • Sakura Pink: The Sakura switches offer a gentle actuation force, making them ideal for prolonged typing sessions, while their soft pink color exudes elegance and sophistication.
  • Knight Grey: The Purple Ding switches deliver precise and responsive keystrokes, catering to the demands of professional users seeking ultimate accuracy and reliability.
  • Lemon Green: With smooth and consistent actuation, the Lemon switches strike a perfect balance between typing comfort and gaming precision, accentuated by their vibrant green color reminiscent of springtime freshness.

Switch Specifications:

Color Switch Name Actuation Force Travel Distance Total Travel Lifespan
Sakura Pink Sakura switches 37±5gf 2.0±0.4mm 3.7±0.4mm 80 million
Knight Grey Purple Ding switches 42±5gf 1.2±0.4mm 3.4±0.4mm 80 million
Lemon Green Lemon switches 42±5gf 2.0±0.4mm 3.7±0.4mm 80 million

KZZI K75Pro Dazzling Version Switch

Craftsmanship Details:

  • Gasket/Top Dual Structure: Engineered for stability and precision, the gasket/top dual structure minimizes key wobble and ensures a consistent typing experience.
  • PBT Jelly Keycaps: Crafted from durable PBT material, the jelly keycaps provide a comfortable and tactile typing surface, while the dynamic RGB lighting effects add a touch of flair to any setup.
  • Built-In HUB Interface: The built-in HUB interface offers seamless connectivity for additional peripherals, enhancing productivity and versatility.
  • HD Battery Display: Stay productive with the HD battery display, ensuring users are always aware of their device's power status for uninterrupted usage.
  • Triple-Connection: Switch effortlessly between wired, 2.4G, and Bluetooth modes to suit various usage scenarios and preferences.
  • KZZI Tuned Satellite Axles: Experience smooth and responsive keystrokes with minimized key noise, thanks to the meticulously tuned satellite axles.
  • Hot-Swappable Axle Sockets: Customize your typing experience with ease by swapping out switches to suit your preferences and typing style.
  • Enhanced Driver Software: Personalize key functions, RGB lighting effects, and more with the enhanced driver software for a tailored user experience.
  • Dynamic Lighting Effects: Choose from five brightness and speed settings to create customizable RGB lighting effects that match your mood and environment.

KZZI K75Pro Dazzling Version

Experience the pinnacle of wireless mechanical keyboards with the KZZI K75Pro Dazzling Version, where aesthetics meet performance in perfect harmony. 

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