KZZI K20 Wireless Tri-Mode RGB 19-Key Keyboard Hot Swap

$39.00 USD

This is a 19-key keypad keyboard.
The novel knob design makes it easier to operate the device.
High quality PBT keycaps with MDA profile which are durable and comfortable.

Color: Nezuko Purple

Nezuko Purple
Blue sea
Starry Gray

switches: Reappear Switch (Linear-soft)

Reappear Switch (Linear-soft)
Meeting Switch (Linear-qiuck)

1000 mAh Lithium Battery

Cyclic charging use lights to the brightest (default flow of light) can be used for about 3 days, the light is adjusted to the darkest (off) can be used for about 20 days, the above data for the battery fully charged state of the experimental data in accordance with the use of 6 hours a day, the actual use of time in accordance with the actual shall prevail!

Multi-function combination keys

A small keyboard with a lot of power to help you easily perform all kinds of work and handle all kinds of documents.

Customer Reviews

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O worth
Great numeric pad for daily use-wired and wireless

It’s really user-friendly! Looks so cool, and it got even cooler after swapping the keycaps. The feel is just spot on, love it to bits! Feeling the keys is just so satisfying.