KZZI Z98: Unveiling Innovation in Mechanical Keyboards

Product Highlights:

Features Details
Interactive Smart Color Screen High-definition with no delays, supports customizable recording for enhanced gaming experiences.
98% Keyboard Layout Compact and efficient.
Win and Mac Compatible Dual system support with full key rollover.
Four-Layer Silenced Gasket Structure Ensures soft yet pure keystrokes.
Exclusive Driver Software Enables full key customization.
RGB Lighting Effects Enhanced with custom light-guiding materials.
USB+Dual TYPE-C Connectivity Wired HUB interface expansion.
Long-lasting Battery Equipped with a 3750mAh battery for up to 20 days of usage.

 KZZI Z98 product feature

Color Options:

  1. Red, White, Black: Inspired by the student days of diligent study.
  2. Matcha Red Bean: Reflects the subtle sweetness of memories.
  3. Lemon Sea Salt: Evokes the refreshing taste of the sea.
  4. Cabernet Sauvignon: Symbolizes the refinement of time.
  5. Blackberry Mousse: Radiates elegance and sophistication.

KZZI Z98 product appearance

Novel Exterior Design:

  • Rounded curves with gradient paint and UV technology to prevent fingerprints.
  • KZZI custom PBT keycaps for a delicate yet non-slip feel.
  • KSA keycap height customization for improved typing experience.

First Batch Features TTC High-speed Axles:

  • Innovative design for smoother, stable, and transparent keystrokes.

98% Layout, Space-saving Design:

  • Retains full functionality in a compact and stylish form.

KZZI Z98 keyboard layout

Smart Interactive Color Screen:

  • High-brightness, durable color plating, customizable animations, and settings for enhanced productivity and gaming efficiency.

Gasket Structure:

  • Soft connection structure for a pure sound experience.

Mac System Compatibility:

  • Switch effortlessly between MAC & WIN systems.

Tri-Mode Connection and Lever Adjustment:

  • Supports 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, and wired connections.

kzzi z98 Tri-Mode

More Details:

  • Anti-ghosting for real-time high-frequency input/output.
  • 3750mAh large-capacity battery with up to 20 days of usage.
  • RGB backlighting with dynamic lighting effects.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design with a 14.3-degree operating angle.

Product Specifications:

Specifications Details
Product Dimensions 392mm152mm42mm
Connectivity Wired+Bluetooth+2.4G
Number of Keys 94
Battery Capacity 3750mAh
Keycap Material PBT
Product Weight 1.03KG
Keycap Height KSA Height Ball Cap
Cable Length 180cm
Backlight Type RGB
Interface Type TYPE-C, HUB


Explore the KZZI Z98, where innovation meets excellence in mechanical keyboards!

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