KZZI K68Pro: Redefining Mechanical Keyboards

Simple yet Sophisticated, KZZI K68Pro

Introduction: The KZZI K68Pro keyboard sets a new standard for mechanical keyboards, offering a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. With its minimalist design and outstanding performance, the K68Pro stands out as a versatile and reliable choice for discerning users.

KZZI K68Pro Size and layout

Key Features:

  1. Sophisticated Layout: The K68Pro features a 68-key layout, providing ample desktop space for optimal productivity.

  2. Innovative Structure: Built with a Gasket Structure and PC Plate, the K68Pro ensures durability and stability for prolonged use.

  3. Advanced Internal Padding: Incorporating Poron Inner Cotton, ixpe Axis Pad, Axis Cushion, and Silicone Base Pad, the K68Pro offers superior comfort and noise reduction.

  4. Customized Satellite Axis: The K68Pro boasts KZZI's specialized Satellite Axis, delivering enhanced key stability and reduced noise.

  5. Triple Connection: Equipped with Wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G connections, the K68Pro offers seamless connectivity across multiple devices.

  6. Premium Keycaps: Featuring KSA Height PBT Material (Matte), the keycaps provide a tactile feel and long-lasting durability.

  7. Dynamic RGB Backlight: Enjoy customizable RGB lighting effects for a personalized gaming or work environment.

  8. Next-Generation Switches: The K68Pro offers Reappear Switches and Meeting Switches, ensuring precise and responsive keystrokes.

  9. Long-lasting Battery: With a powerful 2000mAh battery, the K68Pro provides extended usage without frequent recharging.

  10. Wide System Compatibility: Compatible with both Windows and MacOS systems, the K68Pro offers versatile functionality.

  11. Product Weight and Dimensions: Weighing at 642g and measuring 33012038mm, the K68Pro strikes the perfect balance between portability and functionality.

KZZI K68Pro function

Comparison with KZZI K68:

Feature KZZI K68 KZZI K68Pro
Color Time Machine, Changchun Flower, Sunflower, Ultimate Grey Anime-themed Colors
Layout 68 Keys 68 Keys
Structure Gasket Structure + PC Plate Gasket Structure + PC Plate
Internal Padding Poron Inner Cotton + ixpe Axis Pad + Axis Cushion + Silicone Base Pad Poron Inner Cotton + ixpe Axis Pad + Axis Cushion + Silicone Base Pad
Satellite Axis KZZI Customized Satellite Axis KZZI Customized Satellite Axis
Connection Method Triple Connection: Wired + Bluetooth + 2.4G Triple Connection: Wired + Bluetooth + 2.4G
Keycaps KSA Height PBT Material (High Gloss) KSA Height PBT Material (Matte)
Backlight RGB RGB
Switches Moment Switch, Eternity Switch Reappear Switch, Meeting Switch
Battery 2000mAh 2000mAh
System Support Windows/Macos Windows/Macos
Product Weight 642g 642g
Product Dimensions 330*120*38mm 330*120*38mm

Switch Selection:

Elevating your typing experience to new heights, the K68Pro offers a choice of precision-engineered switch options tailored to suit different preferences and usage scenarios. Whether you prefer the light and responsive touch of the Reappear Switch or the swift and decisive actuation of the Meeting Switch, each switch variant delivers unparalleled performance, ensuring a satisfying typing experience with every keystroke.

KZZI K68Pro Switch

Performance Enhancement:

Engineered for peak performance, the KZZI K68Pro excels in every aspect of mechanical keyboard functionality. Its advanced Gasket Structure and precision-engineered PC Plate ensure unparalleled durability and stability, even under rigorous usage conditions. The integration of innovative materials such as Poron Inner Cotton, ixpe Axis Pad, and Silicone Base Pad enhances comfort and noise reduction, resulting in a quieter and more tactile typing experience. With versatile triple connection options, dynamic RGB backlighting, and cutting-edge switch technology, the K68Pro offers a seamless blend of form and function, empowering users to unleash their full productivity potential.


In conclusion, the KZZI K68Pro keyboard represents the pinnacle of mechanical keyboard engineering, combining minimalist aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Whether for gaming or professional use, the K68Pro delivers unparalleled performance and style.

KZZI K68Pro structure
KZZI K68Pro Mode-switch knob

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