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  1. Introduction

Today, I'm excited to share with you the KZZI KZZI K75Lite custom mechanical keyboard. The brand's vision, "serious play, meaningful work," highlights a passion for stylish design as well as a serious work ethic and love for life. This keyboard blends elements of luxurious retro design with contemporary fashion trends, offering four unique color schemes: Nezuko Purple, Blue Sea, Starry Gray, and Polar Day. No matter what your decor style is, this keyboard can easily complement your desktop, showcasing your taste.

  1. Unboxing Experience

Upon receiving the delivery, you can immediately feel the weight and sturdy feel of the package. Opening the box reveals the signature design of the KZZI packaging, with a white background, sketch illustrations of a keyboard, and the bold red KZZI logo. This minimalist design style not only showcases the brand identity of KZZI, but also reflects a commitment to environmental protection and conservation.

Inside the packaging, along with the main keyboard itself, you will find a 2.4G wireless receiver, a USB-C keyboard cable, a keycap puller & switch puller, a paper manual.

  1. Design and Appearance

The KZZI K75Lite boasts a unique design that is both practical and modern. Utilizing a 75% layout, it features a total of 82 keys, which preserves the commonly used F-key area while making the keyboard more compact and functional. This design effectively saves desk space in everyday use, and also makes it more portable and easy to store.

One of the most notable design elements is the triple-mode toggle switch located on the far right side at the top of the keyboard. By switching this toggle, you can easily transition among 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth, and wired modes to accommodate various usage scenarios.


A blue decorative strip along the top of the keyboard adds a touch of overall fashion. There are also four white indicator lights that display the current working status, such as battery status, Caps lock and win lock. The brightness of these indicators is moderate, friendly to the eyes.


The back of the keyboard is relatively simple,   featuring a two-level support that allows users to adjust the height and angle according to their preference. There is also a dedicated Magnetic slot for storing the 2.4G receiver, which facilitates easy portability and use.

Additionally, on the upper middle area of the keyboard's back, there is a metallic information plate engraved with the model number, serial number, and other details. This not only enhances the texture of the keyboard but also provides recognition.

Anti-slip silicone pads to ensure the keyboard remains stable on your desk and resists sliding.


  1. Keyboard Configuration

The keycaps of the keyboard are made of PBT material, which is known for its durability, resistance to wear, and non-oily finish. The keycaps feature an MDA height design, providing a solid and comfortable touch feel.

Each keycap is slightly concave in the middle, providing a more ergonomic fit for the fingers. Additionally, the top of the keycaps is slightly inward, preventing accidental touches even for those with larger hands.

The keyboard is equipped with KZZI's custom Rainbow switches, which are self-lubricated at the factory. The actuation force is 42±5gf, with an actuation travel of 1.2±0.4mm and total travel of 3.4±0.4mm. These switches offer a light and smooth touch, quick response to triggering, a crisp and pleasant sound, and they are less likely to cause fatigue during prolonged use.

  1. User Experience

The KZZI K75 Lite employs a Gasket structural design with a built-in five-layer soundproofing filler. With a 1.2mm single-key slotted PCB. It supports full key hot-swappable functionality, allowing for switch replacement without powering off, enhancing the keyboard's customizability and playability. Additionally, it supports standard key remapping by downloading the corresponding driver, you can customize settings to your preference, which is particularly beneficial for gamers who can set up combination keys for full-key rollover without conflicts, thus enhancing their gaming experience.

Moreover, the keyboard features an south facing RGB backlight design with more than a dozen lighting effects available. The light is soft and non-glaring, creating an ambient desktop atmosphere. It also comes with a 3750mAh high-capacity battery, delivering outstanding endurance. After half a month of wireless use since receiving it, the charge is still ample. There's no need for frequent charging in daily use, which is truly worry-free.

  1. KZZI K20 Numeric Keypad

The KZZI K20 numerical mini keyboard features three stylish color options: Blue Sea, Nezuko Purple, and Starry Grey. With its 19-key plus 1 knob design, it's particularly suitable for users who need extra shortcut keys, such as accountants or gamers.

The Blue Sea version I have comes with custom KZZI reappear switches, utilizing a Top housing structure and PC positioning plate to ensure stability and durability. It is internally filled with Poron foam, IXPE switch bottom pad, and terminals cotton, providing excellent support and cushioning for the switches, resulting in a more comfortable touch feel. The reappear switches have a force of 42±5gf, an actuation travel of approximately 1.2±0.4mm, and a total travel distance of 3.4mm±0.4mm, making their light pressure and quick responsiveness ideal for gaming scenarios.

Like the KZZI K75 Lite, the K20 also supports full key hot-swap functionality, allowing users to change switch bodies according to personal preference. Additionally, it supports tri-mode connectivity (2.4G, Bluetooth, and wired), offering high connection flexibility. The keycap material, backlight configuration, and other specifications are consistent with the K75 Lite, ensuring a unified stylistic tone throughout.

  1. Conclusion


In summary, the kzzi K75 Lite mechanical keyboard has become an ideal choice for daily office work and gaming competitions with its high cost-performance ratio, excellent performance, and exquisite design. It not only meets users' needs for keyboard performance but also achieves a good balance in design and price, enabling more users to enjoy a high-quality keyboard experience. Whether it's for students, office workers, or gaming enthusiasts, the kzzi K75 Lite is a worthy option to consider.


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